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About some mobile phone case
Jun 19, 2018

At present, the types of mobile phone shells are mainly silica gel, TPU, PC or ABS+PC mixed materials, metal, wood, cortex and so on. There are water paste, printing and four-color printing on the drawing. Special technology is divided into IMD, frosting, polishing, printing gold, relief and so on, not including those odd odd mold.

Simply say the different advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of materials:

1, silica gel cover: relatively soft, dismantling extremely convenient, this material cost is low, easy to deform the main color is easy to yellowing, it will be obvious for a long time, but the feel is good, fall behind a better elastic buffer, can play a protective role on the mobile phone. The biggest drawback is the extreme heat dissipation, which affects the speed of the machine. You can think about how the clothing of this kind of material is breathable, and how it feels in the hot summer. So generally, this material is suitable for wholesale, and the price is cheaper. It is suitable for some brands that are not too expensive, and users who are not very demanding on mobile phone shells.

2, TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethanes) thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer rubber, this material is wear-resistant, oil resistant, moderate hardness, the choice of most mobile shell brand merchants, usually using printing process, can be batch customized, without how much money you can open a small workshop, and then the 1 2 are more flexible, but the shortcomings are Ink on the surface, poor imaging, easy to fade, particularly easy to dirty. As for discoloration, many people know that ink is toxic. You can think about the number of mobile phones and the movements of the shit and meals every day, which is no doubt the same as a chronic suicide. Extremely unhygienic, and after a period of time, it was faded and dirty.

3, IMD (In-Mold Decoration) injection molding process, this is a record of the use of the international popular technology, in fact, this process is very early, the story is no longer told. However, because the cost problem is really applied to the field of product design, the IMD process uses high temperature injection molding in the mold. A cell phone shell forming requires a number of processes such as die, piece, printing, cover white, injection, hot press, quality inspection and so on. The picture is implanted into the middle layer of the shell, never fading yellow, shell polishing, imaging stereoscopic sense Strong, high-definition, dirty when it is clean, relatively speaking, there are still many advantages. But the disadvantage is that the plastic, even the highest hardness can not compete with the metal, so there will be scratches, with the iphone4s people will know that the back shell of the cell phone shell is the IMD process, can be picked up to see if there is a scratch. This is the reason why i5 changed into metal material, and Jobs also argued for the users that it was a trace of years. In fact, traces are traces, and each object has its advantages and disadvantages. (the hardness of dust particles is 8H, and the high - hardness objects in nature have higher costs, such as diamonds, Jin Gang glass) and the cost is scary if they are made of this material and do not say how it is imaging. In addition, because it is printed, it is necessary for a certain quantity of manufacturers to do it.

4, on other manufacturing processes: abrasive, grinding is some low-key users prefer the technology, but if the use of IMD technology, imaging more dark and light than the physical phase, no aesthetic person can be divided into good or bad, if the use of the TPU process, because the appearance of the shell surface, because of the shell material. Property imaging is poor (IMD process graphic imaging on PE die sheet). Therefore, we usually see the shell, the price of mid-range, a lot of this material and technology. Most of them are printed directly. The quality of printing and printing will not be said much more. About polishing, it can make the color more bright and play a role of dustproof and anti dirty. Embossed, there is a printer, usually based on TPU, PC sheet imaging, ink on the surface. About water, easy to fall off, easy to dirty, about oil, feel better, easy to dirty imaging.