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Experience for Amazfit Bip
Aug 19, 2018

As a xiaomi ecological chain product, its packaging style continues the white simple packaging. Personally, I like this type of packaging style, which not only effectively protects the safety of products in online sales transportation, but also echoes the extreme simple style of huami watch to some extent.In terms of accessories, the youth edition of the hand-made rice watch is quite simple and clear. Besides the main body of the watch, it only comes with a charging stand and a manual.

This is the youth version of the hand-made rice watch, which is made of obsidian black color. In addition, there are a total of four colors including sandstone grey, flame orange and khaki green for you to choose.Tear off the screen protector to see the real face of the watch.What is more surprising is that although the youth version of the rice hand watch is not high, the screen is very good in the black under the screen, and the screen edge and PC shell are tightly sewn, the workmanship is very good.

The youth edition of the hand-made rice watch in band aspect USES pure black without texture design, its length is 11+8.5cm and width is about 2cm.The feel is good, except that the untextured band is easily stained by fingerprints and perspiration, and only one activity card is designed on the band.This hope the official later period can some improvement!

When charging for the watch, you only need to align the watch to the groove position, and with a little bit of force, it can be perfectly buckled, and a corresponding DC charging head can be used for charging.When it comes to endurance, this little guy is pretty good.Meters to table the youth version of the built-in 190 mah lithium polymer battery, the charging process takes around 2.5 hours to complete, official figures say the range can be up to 45 days or so, completely standby for up to 4 months, of course, for this kind of product range, people still feel peace day dawn functional use frequency has great relationship with, but actual state is very satisfactory indeed!

The youth version of the Mi manual table is standard with a 1.28-inch reflective color touch screen. The surface USES the 2.5-d corning gorilla glass 3 generation +AF coating process. Not only the stronger the light, the clearer the screen, but also the built-in light source helps light up at night. Only 32g  in total . There is almost no sense of weight on the wrist, and those with obsessive-compulsive wearing might not have to worry about it.

Since it's called a smart watch, there must be a process of linkage.The youth version of mi do-it-yourself watch can also be directly linked to the mi movement APP, and can only be logged in by registering or using the mi account.The youth version of the rice hand watch has a built-in bluetooth 4.0, which is also the only link channel between the watch and the mobile phone.Turn on the bluetooth of mobile phone, find the youth version of rice manual watch through the corresponding options, then wait for a moment to get the link notification, and follow the process to complete the link.

As a smart sports watch, the youth edition of Mi  watch contains many common functions of similar products.After the corresponding Settings are made through the APP, the "call reminder" function can be normally used after a period of data transmission.In running or other sports, as long as the phone is within the range of the watch signal, it will be prompted by vibration. Users can also hang up or ignore the operation through the dial function.After setting the built-in reminder function of the APP, some APP messages can be synchronized directly to the watch correspondingly. It should be noted that not only WeChat can be used, but other apps can also be OK.However, users with a large amount of information are not suitable to use this function, which must have a limited dial size, but it is very useful if you don't want to miss some important news during do sports.

It is important to mention the "sport" function of the youth version of the rice hand watch.In the watch, you can see the selection of several modes including outdoor running, indoor running, cycling and brisk walking. After corresponding operations, you can directly enter the exclusive interface of sports. Detailed real-time sports data including sports time, mileage and heart rate are displayed on the dial.The watch has a built-in SONY 28-nanometer low-power GPS chip and USES GPS+GLONASS dual-mode positioning to search for satellite signals. It can save data and upload it to the phone when connected, even if it is not equipped with the phone.

s mentioned in the previous article, the workmanship of the youth version of the hand-made Mi watch is very good. On the one hand, it is for the perfect appearance, and on the other hand, it is to achieve the dustproof and waterproof level of IP68.Level 8 is the highest level in the waterproof level, which can guarantee the safety of the product under certain water pressure.Washing, bathing and the like are absolutely fine, and a short time spent in shallow water and splashing around is no problem.Although it is only a youth version of the sports watch, dayxiao felt that it is in the recent thousands of yuan within one of the best products.Whether from work, function or the price of  55USD, the MI Smartwatch youth edition has achieved the effect of "let you shut up" (speechless), its commendable battery life and the performance of the sport mode function let dawn to see the product.

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