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How to clear the liquid silicone phone case
Aug 07, 2018

Nowdays , the people who buy mobile phones first buy their own mobile phone cases, mobile phone shell, to protect the phone from damage, but

It has been used for a long time. The silicone mobile phone cover becomes dirty and has stains. Next, cotelli technology co., ltd. teaches you how to clean the silicone mobile phone cover with stains:

1. First, you can use the washing powder and detergent to soak, and then use the soft wool brush to go back and forth within half an hour. Finally, please clean the water and rinse the foam.

Leave it in the shade to dry.This control is aimed at noticeable stains, such as soil, ink, etc.

2. For the silicone shell that is difficult to clean, try with the wind oil essence, dip the cotton swab in the superior oil essence on the stain, and gently wipe it off, and finally

Clean water scours, cool and dry.

Use a toothpick to avoid stains (solids), or soak in clean water first and then wash with soap.

It's hard to clean a white silicone shell. Try it with 84 disinfectant.

5. In addition, the paper of the mask can be sassafras to test the case of the mobile phone.Clean sassafras