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How to protect the ear for long-term use of earphone
Jun 19, 2018

People who often wear earphones to listen to music should have a "60-60 principles", which is internationally recognized as a way to protect hearing. That is to say, when listening to music, the volume should not exceed 60% of the maximum volume, and the continuous listening time should not exceed 60 minutes. In this case, it is healthier to use the ear. In addition, try to listen to music in a quiet environment and try to avoid being in noisy places. Experts believe that once the outside environment becomes noisy, the output effect of the earphone will be disturbed in varying degrees; and in a quiet environment, the output sound effects of several headphones are very different.

When you buy headphones, you also have to pay attention to it. You may choose some earphones that can prevent external noise, so as to reduce the chance of increasing the volume of Walkman because of environmental noise. Headphones should be better worn with headphones than earphone earphones. Because earplug headphones are directly stuck in the outer ear canal, the sound is not out of place, and the eardrum is sent to the drum membrane. All the sound is received by the drum membrane, and the hearing is more damaged. Generally speaking, the volume of the same volume of music is 7-9 dB higher than that of earphone headphones.