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It's dangerous to charge a charger with a mismatched charger.
Jun 19, 2018

In today's work and life are increasingly inseparable from the mobile phone today, many people use the habit of cell phone actually buried a hidden danger.

Especially when the cell phone is out of power, just pick up a charger and connect to the data line.

There seems to be no big problem. Mobile phones are stable and full of power and can be used again.

But in fact, we often see the abuse of chargers causing explosions or even losing lives. Some people feel lucky and think it's just luck.

Many people do not leave the machine, and most of the people in the intelligent equipment are more than one, a pile of charger together, can not distinguish which which, just take up and use it, this is very dangerous!

Although the charger seems to have the same interface, it is for the convenience of the general purpose, but in fact, the brand, the mobile phone model is different, the manufacturer corresponding current, circuit safety and other technical indicators are also different, mixed will easily appear a variety of security problems! Therefore, different models of mobile phone charger do not mix!

The choice of the charger is also very important. Here are some of the principles for buying a charger.

1, buy the original genuine charger from the mobile phone brand store or the official website.

2, if you think the original genuine charger is too expensive, you can choose to buy a well-known brand charger, such as PISEN, encore, Tongxing Rui. When buying, choose a charger that matches the battery of mobile phone. Before buying, understand the basic types of cell phone battery, capacity, voltage limit and so on.

3, it should be confirmed that the charger (power adapter) has CCC identification. The CCC certified power adapter meets the national mandatory standard requirements in terms of electrical safety and EMC performance, and the security is guaranteed. In addition, the authenticity of the CCC logo can be querying to the website of the National Commission for inspection and supervision. Tongxing Rui brand charger many products have been certified by CCC, it can be used at ease and is trustworthy.

4, look at the appearance carefully, check the appearance of the products are complete and clear, such as rated voltage, rated current, rated frequency, manufacturer name, model code, etc. Products with incomplete or confused signs are best not to buy.