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Precautions for the use of earphones
Jun 19, 2018

Because earphones are closer to the inner ear than the general external noise, users need to take the necessary protective measures. Studies have shown that pleasurable music causes less damage to the hearing, but long term exposure to high decibels, whether music or noise, can cause hearing loss. Noise induced hearing impairment of the sensory nerve occurs in the inner ear. When high energy sound waves oscillate the liquid in the cochlea, it excessively irritate and cause hair cell death. Hearing impairment is cumulative, and if prolonged exposure to noise, even if each time is very short, it will cause hearing loss.

A survey published in 1998 by the Journal of the American Medical Association and the Shanxi Medical University in China showed that it had a negative impact on hearing in a long period of high noise level.

When using headphones on the street, in addition to increasing the volume and causing hearing damage, focusing on listening to music, it is easy to make the user lose alertness to the peripheral sound and increase the chances of danger.