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The brighter future about the phone case
Aug 08, 2018

In China, all kinds of middle and high-end mobile phone users are common and popular.Seeing the development prospect of mobile phone cases around the world, manufacturers of mobile phone cases have sprung up like mushrooms.These companies produce cases in a variety of materials, but also emphasize the beauty, personality and quality of the cases.There is a lot more variety in cases, and it is surprising that some cases are much more expensive than the phone.

For love and mobile phones, "condoms" mean safety.Although everyone knows that wearing a "case" will affect the experience, apple godfather Steve jobs once said: "we have spent countless efforts to reduce the thickness of the iPhone 1mm, the Chinese users with a case will be completely obliterated!"

However, with the "protective cover" of the escort, no doubt more reassuring.After all, mobile phones are becoming more and more expensive.

PC hardshell material mobile phone case

This kind of material is hard to touch, and the surface of the product can be printed with various patterns.However, most of the hard-shell mobile phone covers on the market are designed with no cover at the top and bottom. This makes the case beautiful and light, but it has poor protection .

2. Silica gel protective sleeve

Because silica gel is wear-resisting, elastic good, feel soft and other characteristics, so the mobile phone case made of silica gel material can prevent hard objects from leaving scratches on the body, and can play the role of shock absorbing when the mobile phone drops by accident, so as to protect the mobile phone from being knocked.However, this kind of mobile phone case is usually made with thicker workmanship, which makes it easy to be cumbersome and cumbersome after the case is put on. If people value the thinness of the mobile phone, they should try to avoid such cases.

3. Leather protective cover for mobile phone

Leather phone sets have the characteristics of small for mobile wear, good heat dissipation performance, but the leather phone sets out gap will cause it not as good as silicone mobile phone sets, in terms of waterproof and leather phone sets on the style is onefold, leather phone sets are mostly out of the top selling artificial leather or fake leather, use of cracking phenomenon will appear soon.When you're shopping for a leather case, you can use your fingernails to lightly scratch the surface of the skin, and if it restores more quickly, it could be real.

TPU protective case for mobile phone

TPU protective cover is a kind of material between rubber and plastics. It has good tear resistance, high tensile strength and high elongation.Although the TPU protective cover is easy to turn yellow, it is popular among the public because of its bright colors and rich patterns.In addition, TPU protective case is mostly all-inclusive design, which can protect the mobile phone while maintaining the aesthetic feeling.

In the current environment of "mobile phone is based on shell replacement", if we do not have sufficient funds to start with a new phone, we may consider changing the phone cover. However, the new phone is only changing its appearance.

Mobile phone protective cover is no longer a simple practical commodity.With the popularity of mobile phones in the young community, almost every young person in pursuit of fashion wants to have a unique mobile phone, and the beauty of mobile phones has gradually become a way for them to show their individuality.To keep up with this trend, manufacturers of cell phone cases have introduced a number of products with better workmanship and more distinctive color patterns.This makes the case more diversified.

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