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The working principle of LCD LCD screen
Jun 19, 2018

With the development of science and technology and the progress of society, LCD LCD screen has become an important part of our use of electronic digital products, and it is also a bright color in the city. So what is the principle of the LCD LCD screen?

Display structure of 1 and LCD LCD screen

The LCD LCD screen uses the color display panel of the glass faceplate technology to make the bottom panel shine as a whole and achieve the real plane. The LCD LCD is composed of multilayer structure, which includes two layers of glass panel, liquid crystal material in the middle of glass panel, a layer of backlight panel, a layer of reflective film, and light light tube around them.

The principle of display of 2 and LCD LCD screens

The basic principle that the screen can display is to fill the liquid crystal material between two parallel plates and change the column status of the internal molecules of the liquid crystal material by voltage to achieve the purpose of shading and transmittance to display a deep and shallow image, and as long as a three element color filter layer is added between the two plates, The color image is displayed.

3, the principle of display of color LCD LCD screen

For color LCD LCD display is more complex, but also has special color display processing color filter layer. Usually, in a color LCD panel, each pixel is made up of three liquid crystal cells, with each cell in front of a red, green, or blue filter. In this way, different lights can display different colors on the screen.

The above share is the principle of LCD LCD screen, the arrival of LCD LCD screen brings us a lot of convenience in life, and colleagues also add a certain amount of color to our life. With the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection of LCD LCD, the future application of LCD LCD will be more and more extensive.