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What are the necessary accessories for the laptop?
Jun 19, 2018

Screen film, Keyboard Sticker, mouse, keyboard, heat dissipation base. Notebook bag, inner bag, small sound, earphone.

1, notebook computer:

NoteBook Computer (NoteBook), also known as notebook, hand or laptop computer (English: Laptop Computer, simply Laptop), is a small, portable personal computer. The weight of a notebook usually weighs 1-3 kilos. Its development trend is that the volume is smaller and smaller, the weight is lighter and lighter, but the function is stronger and stronger. Like Netbook, the commonly known netbook. The main difference between laptop and PC is its portability.

2, Intel processor:

Core architecture processor, Pentium-M processor, Celeron-M processor, AMD processor

3. Key performance:

1) the ability of CPU:

The mainstream CPU has low power consumption and high computing power (i.e., high frequency).

2) the ability to develop a card:

Once the independent graphics card is stronger than the integrated graphics card, with the development of technology, there have been some exceptions. As for choosing a video card or not, or depending on your needs, if you are a game enthusiast, it is more appropriate to choose a medium - and high - end N card or a A card notebook. If it's just an ordinary office entertainment, INTEL's HD integrated graphics card can meet your needs.

3) heat and endurance:

The importance of this is easy to be ignored. Notebook with high calorific value should pay attention to heat in summer.