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Why choose liquid silicone case for I phone
Jan 10, 2019

Tired of looking fancy mobile phone case, the ultimate return to the plain pure color mobile phone shell.

These two years liquid silicone shell quiet fire, resistant to dirt, fall, anti yellowing, feel good, carefully look at the parting line is not obvious, it is better than the traditional silicone shell has obvious advantages.

The iPhone case this time USES food-grade liquid silicone (LSR) material, the first feeling is that the top is very soft, and the liquid silicone material brings not only soft, but also stronger protection and safety and comfort to the phone.IPhone following use liquid silicone material manufactured by the secondary injection molding process, feel is exquisite, waterproof non-slip surface, because the liquid silicone has excellent flexibility and memory, make cool shell to cope with the impact knock against can achieve efficient buffer, prevent damage of the phone at the same time, compared with hard plastic shell, itself is not easy to damage.It can be said that the use of liquid silicone materials cool shell in the physical protection is a higher level