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Advantages Of LCD LCD Screen
Jun 19, 2018

1, zero radiation, low energy consumption, small heat dissipation

The display principle of the LCD LCD screen is to reverse the background light by turning the liquid crystal molecules in the liquid crystal pixels to the background light. It does not have the ultra high voltage components like the CRT, and the X ray caused by the high pressure can not exceed the standard. Moreover, the machine's simple circuit structure, modularization and high integration of chips are enough to minimize the electromagnetic radiation generated during the operation of the circuit. This design directly reduces the power consumption of the circuit, and the calorific value is also very small. Although LCD LCD may produce slight electromagnetic radiation at work, it is easy to solve by shielding circuit. Because of the heat dissipation, the CRT display must not drill holes on the shield to cause radiation leakage.

2, thin and light

It is the emergence of LCD LCD that makes the invention of portable computers possible. Similarly, the table LCD LCD screen is larger than the laptop in size and weight, but the clumsy and heavy CRT display is a little witch. Compared to a 15 inch display, the depth of the CRT display is generally close to 50 centimeters, while the most recent LCD LCD screen of the great white shark is less than 5 centimeters in depth. With the change of consumption view and living environment, people's demand for the volume and weight of household electrical appliances is getting higher and higher. LCD LCD has become the most likely display device to break the monopoly of CRT display with its light and lightweight natural advantages.

3. The display character is sharp

The picture is stable and does not flicker. The unique display principle of liquid crystal display determines the uniformity of each pixel on the screen, and the red and green three color pixels are arranged closely, and the video signals are sent directly to the pixels behind the pixels to light the driving pixels. Therefore, the shortcomings of the traditional CRT display and the poor focus are not present. Therefore, the text display effect on the LCD LCD screen is quite different from the traditional CRT display. LCD LCD screen font is very sharp, there is no CRT display text when the font is blurred, font color phenomenon. And, because the LCD LCD screen has been shining after the electricity, the backlight works at high frequency, the display screen is stable and does not flicker, which is beneficial to the use of computers for a long time. CRT displays rely on electron beams repeatedly impinging on phosphors to achieve luminescence, which results in periodic flashing of luminance. It is easy to cause eye discomfort after prolonged use.

4. Accurate reduction of images

The LCD LCD screen uses the direct digital addressing mode, which can convert the video signal out of the video card through the AD conversion, and directly display the video signal on the LCD pixel on the screen according to the "address" signal in the signal level. The CRT display relies on the electromagnetic field generated by the deflection coil to control the periodic scanning of the electron beam on the screen to achieve the purpose of displaying the image. Because the trajectories of the electron beam are easily influenced by the environmental magnetic field or geomagnetism, the absolute location of the electron beam on the screen can not be achieved. Therefore, CRT display is prone to geometric distortion, linear distortion and so on. The LCD LCD screen does not have this possibility. LCD LCD can display the picture perfectly on the screen without any geometric distortion and linear distortion.