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Customized Phone Case Process You Should Know
Aug 07, 2018

More than 10 years of good faith operation, gathering the requirements of customers in various aspects, has developed a detailed set of customized silica gel products service process.There is a perfect process to ensure the interests of customers and the orderly development of the factory. The specific customized process of the company's silicone products factory is explained as follows:

Offer consulting

Cortelli provides a variety of consulting channels for customers. New customers can inform us the detailed product information of the structure, size, material, technology and use of the silicone products through the network, telephone, qq, WeChat, email and other forms.Company have professional staff to evaluate customers with product information and drawings, and detailed communication with customers, understand the specific requirements of the product and demand, timely give formal quotation, in order to protect the interests of the customers, families and terry silicone products factory offer by formal quotation format, refused to give oral quotation.

Contract signing and payment

How customer approved our quotation, we will be in accordance with the relevant content in a timely manner for the silicone product purchase and sale contract, with both sides officially after signing the contract, the customer should be part of the mold fee in advance according to the contract content, the company is generally adopted new customers for the first time cooperation contract 50% prepaid mould cost first, after waiting for 1 sample to confirm qualified pay the mould balance payment.

Sample confirmation and mass production

After receiving the customer prepaid expenses factory can according to the previously agreed technical, asked to start the mould production, in the process of mould making, temporary need to change, if the customer need according to the mould processing progress and change the content change mould charge, mold production is completed, according to customer's requirements of color, hardness, screen printing, IMD process requirement samples, customer word received samples follow-up inspection to check carefully, to ensure product quality and all aspects of the technical parameters are required to conform to the requirements, and sign board retained, as subsequent bulk production test sample,Bulk production is the customer can request ketili silicone products company issued product testing report.

Packing shipment and collection

The products shall be inspected and packed after processing. The packaging shall meet the requirements of the customer. The customer shall timely detect and put into storage after receiving the silicone products.


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