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Four Daily Matters Of Attention For Mobile Phone Charging
Jun 19, 2018

Mobile phone charging four daily matters needing attention, many people may not know what the mobile phone needs to pay attention to in daily life charging. The accelerated aging of cell phone or cell phone.

1, try to avoid playing side play mobile phone as far as possible

The side charge will aggravate the heat of the mobile phone, playing games, watching video or calling during the charging process, the temperature of the cell phone will rise sharply, speed up the life of the battery, and even cause the hidden danger. Once the abnormal temperature of the mobile phone is found, the operation and charging of the cell phone should be stopped immediately.

2, as far as possible

To avoid the use of rechargeable batteries because more and more scenes of the use of the mobile phone, we will always take a charging treasure to prevent the need, but the charging treasure is convenient, but there is no temperature measurement, over current protection and other functions. Long term use of rechargeable batteries will reduce battery performance and life.

3. The temperature is suitable for charging

In the low temperature environment, the protection mechanism of cell phone battery will delay the charging speed. In the high temperature environment, the lithium battery becomes unstable, and it may burn up the equipment in serious condition. It is better to charge the mobile phone in the environment of ventilation and heat dissipation.

4, daily handling of dust on the charging port

Many small partners have problems with plugging a charger, but the cell phone is not responding, sometimes it may be a charger, but sometimes it may be the problem of the charging port. The dust accumulation at the charging port is easy to be ignored. The blocking of the charging port may cause cell phone charging to slow down or not to charge. In daily use, you can take a dust plug or regularly clean the charging port.

In addition to mobile phone charging four daily note, there are a lot of buddy will wear in order to protect the mobile phone mobile phone shell, mobile phone batteries but very afraid of the heat, some mobile phone shell cooling effect is not good, may affect the heat dissipation of batteries and battery life, mobile phone shell can choose a light or charging the mobile phone shell removed.