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How To Select High Quality Earphone
Jun 19, 2018

earphone become the necessities of life. The quality of earphones is not only related to the quality of the sound, but also to the health of the ears. The selection of high quality earphone is essential.

1. Don't listen to too many earphone at once. Too much choice is equal to no choice. You should choose the earphones that you can afford to listen to. Of course, I don't object to you listening to the earphones that you can't afford, or the inexpensive earphone, because they can let you know how good your selected earphone are or what's wrong.

2, for those who did not receive the training, you should try to avoid listening to a certain part of the music in the process of listening. This is because a pair of earphone is long and short, and perhaps the half of the day's details you can notice are something you don't care about, too much attention to them, but it will destroy your sense of integrity. On the other hand, only focusing on picking up faults and not taking advantages will only lead to prejudice against earphones.

3, try to prolong the time of hearing. The more contact you have, the more you will understand. Don't care too much about the boss's white eyes, because when you take out the money to buy earphones, he has forgotten your taste in front of the counter.

4. Pay attention to the color of earphone. Do not listen with new earphone. Many earphones need to be "boiled". New earphone can only play a negative role in your auditions besides satisfying your vanity. Regular headphone stores often give you some earphones for auditions, although you won't buy them, but only they can give you the right information.