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Materials Of Phone Case
Aug 08, 2018

1. Metallic materials have texture and feel, and are resistant to breaking. The metal will be heavier, and the price will be higher

2. PC material :PC material is hard shell with good strength, commonly used for clamping slide machine with strong toughness

3. TP incurs soft and hard properties, which are in the range of hardness of U of rubber and plastics, rather wide than changing the ratio of reaction components of TPU, so that different hardness can be obtained and the products still maintain good elasticity and wear resistance as the hardness increases.It is well known that wear resistance, tear resistance and flexural strength are all excellent.High tensile strength, high elongation and low permanent deformation of long-term compression are all significant advantages of TPU.

4. Silica gel material: the protective cover of silica gel material is generally soft, with good tension and slightly slippery feel. If the high-tension material inside silica gel is added too little, it will be pulled easily.Use your hand to stretch the product. If the product turns white, the high tension will be too low.

In addition to the above four basic material accidents, there are PU. Abs.pvc, imitation leather, leather, water drilling, acrylic,PC+ silicon,PC+ metal PC+ leather,PC+ABS,PU+ PC,PU+ PC,PU+ PC,PU+TPU,TPU+PC,TPU+ PC,TPU+ PC,TPU+ leather,TPU+ metal, diving materials and so on . Linkin Electronices . Is a brand mobile phone shell accessories supplier integrating research, design, development, production and service, with 12 years of professional customized production experience, located in the pearl river delta, the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area, developed transportation, convenient air transportation and fast logistics.For more details of ODM/OEM manufacturing and customization of mobile phone accessories, please call the consulting hotline:86-18565892064 , or click the online customer service of the website for consultation. glad to serve you.

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