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Production Process For 3D Glass Protector
Oct 15, 2018

  1. As for the glass protector  .  cutting is very improtant ,   it's refers to the diamond glass raw materials through the whole piece of glass into small piece of material, the size of a small plate according to the product size after unilateral amplification 3 mm good shard divided separated every piece of glass with a blank sheet of paper, avoid friction between glass cause scratches on the glass surface demanding in the glass surface spray coating to protect glass white piece.

  2. CNC polishes the separated glass pieces according to the shape of the product through the grinding head edge grinding (the grinding head is usually 500~800 # grinding head), and the 2.5-d cambered surface of the steel film product is also operated through CNC.

  3. Clean the surface of CNC glass white sheet by scanning light, and polish the glass white sheet by ultra-fine flannelette, including 2.5d camber position.

  4. Hot Bending . The material used for the hot bending mold is graphite. The above left is the mold of samsung products, which is a two-piece mold.On the right is the apple type hot bending mold, which is a four-piece mold. The four-piece mold makes the middle plane part of the product more smwooth than two-piece mold. The service life of each mold is 2400PCS

  5. Tempering refers to the chemical reaction of ion replacement of glass white sheet after the melting of potassium nitrate through heating. The standard tempering time is 0.5-1 hour preheating and 4-4.5 hours of tempering.

  6. Fingerprint oily cent is two (L3 \ H3), L3 for body oil fingerprint, only for the initial Angle of water droplets can reach more than 115 ° and wear-resisting products use.H3 is used for wear-resistant products.Electroplating fingerprint oil is currently treated by outward processing, and the wear-resisting effect is better than H3 fingerprint oil.

  7. Bake Mainly targeted at H3 fingerprint oil, the product needs to be baked at a high temperature of 150 and 30 minutes after being oiled, so that the fingerprint oil can better adhere to the surface of the steel film, so as to achieve better wear-resistant effect.

  8. The defoaming process is mainly aimed at slight air bubbles between glue and glass after bonding, and the defoaming process is carried out through low temperature and high pressure of defoaming machine.

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