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Six Elements Of Use And Maintenance Of LCD LCD Screen
Jun 19, 2018

Since the birth of LCD, with its advantages of light, beautiful, healthy, energy saving and many other advantages, it has won the favor and favor of the vast number of consumer groups. However, the liquid crystal display is delicate and easy to damage, and many users are at a loss as to how to use and maintain them. In order to let you know more about the maintenance of LCD LCD screen,

(1) water

Water can be said to be the first "natural enemy" of liquid crystal. You should have the experience, if the LCD screen of a cell phone or an electronic watch is flooded or working in a very humid environment, the digital image on the display will become blurred or even invisible. This shows that the destructive effect of water vapor on LCD is amazing.  Therefore, we should use the LCD LCD screen in a dry environment to prevent moisture from entering the LCD LCD screen.

(2) dust

The liquid crystal is easily stained with dust. A long time has turned into a big face, and it is not natural to use it. If there is a stain on the surface of the display screen, use a soft cloth dipped in a little water to gently wipe it away. Do not spill the water directly on the surface of the display screen, and the water into the LCD LCD screen will lead to a short circuit.

(3) fire

The fire described here refers to the high voltage of LCD. Do not attempt to disassemble or change the LCD LCD screen. Even after the LCD LCD screen is closed for a long time, the CFL converter in the background lighting component may still have a high pressure of about 1000V, which is absolutely a dangerous value for the human body.

(4) collisions

The LCD screen is very delicate, in the process of violent movement or vibration, it is possible to damage the quality of the display screen and the internal liquid crystal molecules of the display, so that the display effect is discounted. In addition, to avoid strong shock and shock, the LCD LCD screen contains a lot of glass and sensitive electrical components, falling onto the floor or other similar strong strikes that can cause damage to the screen or other units.

(5) touch

The more "noble" things are, the more fragile they are, and the LCD LCD screen is no exception. If you touch the LCD LCD screen with your finger, the screen will produce a circle of water ripples. This is the common phenomenon of the LCD LCD screen. The direct touch of the LCD LCD screen can easily cause the damage of the tiny lines and devices on the LCD LCD screen. The most frequent occurrence is the so-called "bad point".

(6) close

Proper use and effective maintenance are very important for the life of LCD LCD. Many people make it easy to turn off the monitor without shutting down. This will seriously damage the display life. Generally speaking, do not make the LCD LCD screen in the boot for a long time (more than 72 hours in a row). The LCD LCD screen has a feature in displaying the image, that is, if a fixed content is displayed for a long time, some LCD LCD screens will overheat and cause damage, which should also be paid attention to. For example, it's all right to turn off the monitor, watch the screen protection program or let it display the full white screen, don't make the display too bright, which can prolong the life of the LCD display.