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The Input And Output Of The Cell Phone Charger
Jun 19, 2018

The mobile phone charger is simply an electronic device that recharges the cell phone. Mobile phone charger can be generally divided into travel charger, seat charger and maintenance charger. The general user contacts are mainly two kinds of front. And the most sold on the market is the travel charger. Many people do not understand the input and output of mobile phone charger.

When the output voltage of the switching power supply exceeds the rated value, the pulse controller outputs low level, and the switch tube cut-off; when the output voltage of the switching power supply is lower than the rated value, the pulse controller outputs high level and the switch tube is connected.

When the load current is reduced, the discharge time of the filter capacitor is prolonged, the output voltage will not be reduced quickly, and the switch tube is in the cut-off state until the output voltage is lowered to the rated value, and the switch tube will be guided again. The cut-off time of the switch depends on the magnitude of the load current. The conduction / cut-off of the switch tube is controlled by the level switch from the output voltage sampling.

But it will not produce any current directly by inserting the cell phone charging base to the socket. Only if the charger is connected, the charger will start to work. The current size depends on the state of the load. As long as the load is in the scope, the load needs a lot of current, and the charger will supply a lot of current.

If the current required by the load exceeds the upper limit of the current that the charger can provide, the charger will always output the maximum current. This is because, the charger is usually designed to protect the circuit, once the output current is too large, it will trigger a protection mechanism, suspend the current output, avoid danger, that is, even if the charger can output the current of 50A, the charging logic control in your mobile phone, if it is 2A, will be restricted. At 2A, the charging speed will not be affected.