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What Is The Way To Choose LCD LCD Screen?
Jun 19, 2018

There are several basic indicators for choosing LCD: high brightness: the higher the brightness value, the more natural the picture is, and the hazy fog will not be misty. The unit of luminance is cd/m2, that is candle light per square meter. Low level LCD brightness values are low to 150 cd/m2, while high order displays can reach up to 250cd/m2. High contrast: the higher the contrast, the brighter the color is, and the more three-dimensional it will be. On the contrary, the contrast is low, the color is poor, and the image will become flat. The contrast value is quite different from low to 100:1, high to 600:1 or even higher. 

Wide viewing range: the visual range is simply the scope that can be seen clearly in front of the screen. The larger the scope of visibility, the easier it can be seen; the smaller, as long as the viewer changes the viewing position slightly, the picture may not be clear. Visual range algorithm is from the middle, top, bottom, left, right four directions of the screen. The larger the value, the wider the scope, but the four directions are not necessarily symmetric.